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Utility Bill is due in 21 days!

Pictures from RAGBRAI 2016


“Pride in Our Past…Faith in Our Future”


City Hall Hours:
10 am to 2 pm  
City Clerk: Lora Dankof  
City Hall: 625.2601

Library Hours:
Wednesday  10:00-noon; 2:00-5:30
Saturday  8:30-11:30
Librarian: Linda Heywood

Upcoming Meetings/Events (All Open to the Public):

City Council Regular Meeting— 7:00PM on June 7 at City Hall

Hometown Pride — 6PM on 2rd Tuesday of the Month at Community Center

Library Committee — 5:30PM on 1rd Wednesday of Month at the Library



Library News from Linda

While attendance at the library is always good there are many people in town that I never see. If the library can add anything to our current list of services let me know so I can attempt to add them. For those of you who visit frequently I’m always glad to see you.

I am currently writing grants for some new shelving and games & puzzles for the kids to use when they visit the library. We have several children who visit each day and need new things to do.

The reading program is still in full swing. The winner of the $10 reading reward for this month was Drake Christo. Drake is the son of Dan and Bobbi Jo Christo. Children must read a minimum of 60 minutes per week to be eligible for this drawing.

We are also planning a small Valentine Party for the children on the 14th.

City News:

Regarding questions about what was going on with the library. At the January 3rd council meeting Sherry explained that to open the account for the library Amazon required a credit card to back the account even though they are sent a statement at the end of the month to pay. Since her credit card is on account she did make a few personal purchases that she paid for and presented the canceled checks. The council did not know that Sherry had to have her personal credit card on the account but then explained that even no wrong doing was done that the account should be closed and a library debit card needs to be opened to do this business with because you cannot have any personal credit cards or personal business going through the library account and this is coming from the state library board and auditor.

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