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“Pride in Our Past…Faith in Our Future”

City Hall Hours:
10 am to 2 pm  
City Clerk: Lora Dankof  
City Hall: 625.2601

Library Hours:
Wednesday  10:00-noon; 2:00-5:30
Saturday  8:30-11:30
Librarian: Linda Heywood

Upcoming Meetings/Events (All Open to the Public):

City Council Regular Meeting— 7:00PM on June 7 at City Hall

Hometown Pride — 6PM on 2rd Tuesday of the Month at Community Center

Library Committee — 5:30PM on 1rd Wednesday of Month at the Library

Library News from Linda

Tis the season

     Parents of children who attend the library regularly have helped plan a "Classic Christmas Party" for the library.Plan on bring your kids to the Fire Station/Community Center on December 11th at 4PM. We will be decorating Christmas cookies, making ornaments, eating soup, Christmas Caroling on the back of a trailer, returning to warm-up with hot chocolate and the cookies we eat while hearing a story and the having a gift exchange of items the children have either made or that belong to them. Plans are to be done by 7PM so kids can get to bed on time.

     Our reading program is continuing to grow, two additional children were added just this week bringing the total enrolled to 29. Eion Earlywine son of Shantelle and Dave Earlywine was the winner of the last $10 drawing.
The libraries year run from July 1st. to June 30th each year. At the end of the year \we are required to prepare an annual survey. Some of the stats l thought everyone might be interested in were in 2015 we reported 3,138 people came through the library, this included 1,573 adults and 1,665 children. In 2016 we reported 4,751 people using the library, which included 2,067 adults and 2,684 children. There were 334 more books checked out and 147 less DVD'S checked out. We have 940 more books than last year and 87 more DVD'S. Other statistics if your interested cart be seen at the library.

   The Library Board of Trustees and myself wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

From the Council and City workers, have a blessed Christmas and safe travels.





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